New Zealand

New Zealand culture is a mix of European, Pacific, and Maori influences, there are many expats and a lot of organisations are 50% expatriates. It is a very friendly culture and expats are welcomed with open arms.


Vibrant, fast-paced, lively, colourful environment and that’s just Auckland. From buzzing urban streets to tranquil waterfronts, New Zealand has everything. Cafes and restaurants offer an impressive span of international cuisine. Along the same streets you will find art galleries, entertainment venues, and of course the iconic Sky Tower, which gives the best views of Auckland as well as a chance to take a SkyWalk – a stroll around the outside of the tower – or SkyJump. You can enjoy the rugged, black sand beaches of the west coast or the tranquil, golden sand beaches of the east coast. Ferries run between the harbors, several of the islands and dormant volcanic cones, where you can hike, mountain bike, and explore.


Auckland enjoys a subtropical climate, experiencing summers that are warm and humid and winters that are mild and damp. The Auckland region is the one of the warmest and sunniest in New Zealand. In the summers, which span from December to February, temperatures rise to 19 degrees celsius, while in the winter months
June, July, and August, temperatures drop to 11 degrees celsius. Humidity remains high all year around.



Monthly rent from $1,600 for an apartment and up to $2,800 for a house. This is dependant on the location and size of the apartment or house you desire. A lot of expats choose to apartment share in central Auckland for a 2 bed apartment it would be $200 per week per person, or you can house share and many expats decide to move further outside the city, depending on location and size of house, this would cost around $300 per week per room.


If you would prefer your own transport the cost of a car varies, to give you an idea; you can get a car relatively cheap around $1500 – $2000 and 1litre of gas would cost $1.99. Public transport is around $188 for one month pass, tram/train and taxis will cost you roughly $30 for 5 miles.


Eating out at a restaurants starts around $65 and a beer starts at $10. Groceries, when looking at your basics milk and bread are around $2. Gym membership in the business district of Auckland (which would be the most expensive) would cost $96 per month.