Hong Kong

Cantonese is the majority population and Cantonese culture is the mainstream. Many Chinese concepts like family solidarity, saving face and modesty carry significant importance in Hong Kong’s culture. 

Hong Kong also is one of the world’s leading financial centres. The crime rate is very low, and there is little vandalism. Most Chinese residents practice Chinese folk religion which is Taoism, Buddhism, and ancestor worship. Hong Kong is a bilingual city with two official languages, English and Chinese. Although 97 percent of the population speak Cantonese, business is usually conducted in English. 

There is a modern medical system with government-funded hospitals that provide inexpensive care; these hospitals offer Western medicine.


Hong Kong’s compact size, buzzing nightlife, beautiful scenery and friendly international community all combine to offer the best expat living in Asia. It’s also considered one of the safest large cities in the world. Hong Kong offers a wide range of homes, from apartments in high-rise developments in the city, to traditional houses in the country areas. Expatriates can choose a location that suits their lifestyle, from the buzz of Hong Kong Island, to beachfront apartments, family-friendly new town developments and the slower-paced villages.

Hong Kong has one of the world’s highest quality public and private healthcare systems. There are many government clinics and hospitals, offering low cost healthcare to citizens of Hong Kong. Although most people associate Hong Kong with its busy urban streets and iconic harbour skyline, it’s easy to enjoy the city’s green spaces. Over 40 percent of Hong Kong is made up of protected country parks, mountains and beaches. At the weekend, many people head for the city’s numerous hiking trails, or to the beach. Another popular option is a day cruise around the attractive coastline. 

Hong Kong is very efficient with trains every 2 minutes, it has mountains, harbours and skyscrapers, it is extremely safe even at 3am. It offers Island beach vibes just 30 minute boat rides away from down town. Taxi’s and public transport are cheap and skylines are incredible. The markets have excellent authentic Chinese food and cheap massages are a train ride away. The worlds biggest casino mecca is a also a ferry ride away. Tickets around Asia are relatively cheap so weekends away to Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia are a must.

Cost of Living

Basic lunchtime menu in the business district is $96, fast food meal is $37, beer $14 and 1 bottle of wine $150.

Internet is $188 per month. Monthly rent for furnished accommodation ranges from a studio at $16,000 to a 1/2 bed at $37,000. Utilities (heating, gas, electricity) range from $854 – $1,400.

Public transport, monthly ticket is $521
Taxi trip on a week day 5 mile trip is $67
Gas for 1/4 gallon is $15

Dinner out for two $371
Cocktail $108, beer $77, coffee $45
Gym membership in the business district $708 

You will need a degree and a minimum of 2 years experience however Visa’s are not guaranteed based on this and it is case by case. Your future employer would apply for the Visa on your behalf.