Low crime, a democratic and fair government and high standard of living is what you can expect in Australia. Rich in languages, cultures, and religion make it an interesting and vibrant culture to be a part of. It is family-oriented and all about the outdoors. Aussies are very social, and the food and wine culture is growing rapidly. 

In the tropical north, around Darwin, average temperatures sit above 30 degrees Celsius all year round. 

Sydney has warm summers in the high twenties and mild winters that average around 17 degrees

Brisbane is a few degrees warmer all year round, but can be very humid in summer.

Melbourne has more extreme weather, with average temperatures of around 14 degrees in winter.  Summer weather is far less humid in Melbourne than that of Brisbane or Sydney but occasionally much hotter sometimes reaching over 40 degrees.

Adelaide and Perth have similar weather patterns of mild winters and warm to hot summers. Being close to the desert, the climate is quite dry in both cities. You can also ski in Australia.

Sydney is a blend of cultures where 21st century architecture, a dynamic economy, pristine nature, work, quality of life and beaches blend perfectly into a modern, safe and easy-going city. Sydney is well known for its harbour (Port Jackson is the biggest natural port on earth), the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, but even more for its amazing beaches, such as Bondi Beach and lots more to explore…from quiet little coves to the famous surf beaches. Sydney is the perfect mix of cosmopolitan city and unspoiled nature. 

Melbourne is very much about lifestyle – in fact, it has been consistently rated as one of the world’s most liveable cities. Melbourne has a strong cultural and intellectual heritage. There are a range of galleries and museums, both large and small, as well as world-renowned universities and research facilities. Melbourne is host of many parties, with the year-round calendar events offering something for everyone, live music, festivals and football matches.

The city has a strong culture of philanthropy and volunteering, and is known for being welcoming and inclusive. 

Perth has some of the world’s best beaches, best food, best wine and most glorious weather. Australians and Perth people in particular are very friendly. The lifestyle is relaxed. People tend to get together a lot at one another’s houses; throw a BBQ together, drink some beers and enjoy each other’s company, all without spending much money. Western Australia’s coastline boasts some of the world’s best beaches, ranging from the small and secluded to large family ones; there’s good surf at some, and gentle waves at others. Perth is not the place for you if you want a big and busy city or you are younger and want to “live it up”. But if you want a quiet lifestyle with a touch of city life then it probably is. Perth lifestyle is best summed up as relaxed, changing, growing and warm.

Cost of Living



Price is dependent on location which can vary Eastern suburbs are more expensive; Bondi, Coogee, Bronte. Inner west suburbs are less expensive and just a short bus or taxi ride to the city are; Balmain, Glebe and Newtown, Haymarket, Darlinghurst. A few other less expensive suburbs to take a look at and on the train line into the city are; Redfern, Alexandria, Mascot, Waterloo.

Average price for house share between $350 AUD – $600 AUD per week

Full apartment rentals 1- 2 bedroom between $650 AUD – $1700 + per week and higher dependent on location, number of bedrooms, quality, amenities.


Public transport is the cheapest, easiest and most efficient way to get around. Trains, buses, ferries and light rail. You can get a free smartcard tickets to load fund onto to use all of the above mentioned transport. See link below on how to register for an Opal card.


You will receive base salary plus or inclusive of superannuation which is calculated to 9.5% of your annual base salary. This is not paid directly to you and is a monthly contribution from your employer. Monthly and/ or quarterly commission + annual bonus’ and incentives received on top. 

Set up costs on arrival

A Bond will be required which is usually 3- 4 weeks rent upfront – max. Online registration form to be completed for an application to be made. Initial hotel/ accommodation costs whilst searching for a place (usually 2 weeks will be enough.) Before arriving in Australia (depending on visa sponsorship with the employer) initial working holiday visa (417) might be required – cost for this $440 AUD. Changes to visa sponsorship requirements since January 2018. Discuss further with consultant to check eligibility.